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You all stop, 'n I go
To Roosevelt Island, or Queens
Seagram Building [1948-54]- New York
Fireproof Warehouse Day & Meyer Murray & Young Corp.
New York's finest, Mies van der Rohe's Seagram building 1958 #usa #america #nyc #newyork #seagrambuilding #miesvanderrohe
The highest point of the aerial tramway
Vehicles coming off Queensboro Bridge
Vintage taxis, Long Island City, April 12 - 3
Roosevelt Island Tramway
In America, size matters
Park and ride
Seagram Building
Vintage taxis, Long Island City, April 12 - 2
Close your eyes if you've a fear of height
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About 10035 Zip Code

Zip 10035, the USPS code for Randall’s Island & Wards Island, is situated in the East River. During the 19th century, this Island was transformed into an orphan asylum, burial ground, poor house and a rest home for veterans of the Civil War. All of this changed when the RISF or Randall’s Island Sports Foundation was founded in the year 1992; and it began working on behalf of the Randall’s Island Park. The RISF was instrumental in developing recreational facilities and sports that helped in restoring its natural environment, and they also began sponsoring programs for children.

On the Map: 41 degrees latitude and -74 degrees longitude in the Northeastern region.

Breaking it Down: On the west, this Zip gets separated from the main land by the main channel of the River; from the Eastern Mainland, East Hell Gate separates it; and in the North is the Bronx Kill.

Zipping Alongside: 10454, 10028, 10029, 11105 and 11102.

About Zip 10035:

Icahn Stadium: RISF’s signature facility on the Island, Icahn Stadium, was opened on April 23, 2005. The Stadium is a world-class track & field facility; and is capable of hosting local, regional and national events. The other events include football, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, soccer, baseball and softball.

RIK: RISF also runs its free Randall’s Island Kids (RIK) youth programs at the Park. This organization caters to bringing thousands of children to the Park each year for a range of free sports and environmental education activities year- round.

Summer Camps: Another feature of the RISF is that it also hosts a free six-week long summer camp that brings thousands of children from the neighboring communities to the Park every summer.  In the recent years Randall Island Park has opened waterfront pathways featuring bicycle and pedestrian trails along the Park’s western shoreline.

Manhattan Psychiatric Center: On this Island is the Manhattan Psychiatric Center. The Center offers a range of comprehensive, evidence based inpatient and outpatient treatments for adults with mental illnesses. The current building is 17-stories tall.

And More: The island is home to several other public facilities like Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center and a New York City Department of Environmental Protection wastewater treatment plant. It is also home to Wards Island Park, which offers stunning views, athletic fields, and picnic grounds.]

Schooling Facilities:
Zip 100035 has a few Primary and High Schools. To name a few:

Bon Appetite:
Here are some Zip 10035 places that will be sure to treat your taste buds –

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